Meet Maria

I call myself an American-Nicaraguan Actor + Singer. I was born in Miami, but raised in ex-communist country of Nicaragua where I first started working as a professional actor at the age of 9-10 by doing many TV commercials + singing for jingles, charity events, and national theatre with both of my sisters, Gloria + Blanca.  

But I didn't stop just there....

Once I graduated from high school, I moved back to Florida where I funded my own education at a private art school for a graphic + web design career;  I planned and thought to myself " I need a 2nd career that will give me enough flexibility to be able to pursue an acting career in the long term". While in college, I took on many opportunities to work part time on the sets of Univision, Telemundo, Fox En Español, and Venevision
Upon accomplishing an associated in fine arts and a bachelors degree in design, I permanently moved to New York City to pursue acting + modeling full time while doing graphic design part time. 

What Now?  

I consider myself a true renaissance woman. My main reason in life is to CREATE.  My plan is to continue CREATING by using many different art forms, mediums, and even using myself at times, to INSPIRE and ENTERTAIN viewers with the purpose of creating GOOD CHANGE for our world. 

FILM, TV and THEATRE being such powerful mediums, may easily arouse all of our 5 senses, and even our 6th sense, while being viewed; When the main message, lesson, or the moral of a story really touches the audience at a deep level, that's when I find true JOY in this career. Therefore, expressing myself creatively by performing "acts" or projects that are meaningful and able to provoke good change in people and the world, is where I am HAPPY to be headed to these days. 

Photograph by Willis Roberts