Copy of Murderous Matilda

Open Marriage Between Deputies Becomes Too Open | Scorned

Scorned:Love Kills for Investigation ID Channel. I play deputy Linda, an 80's LA cop. 

Human Being Tom

I play Stacy with in 10:00 minutes of the film

O'actually Launch Trailer

Copyright O'actually, Inc.
Director - Pia Furtado

How To Act On Reality TV

The story of How to Act on Reality TV, short doc by filmmaker John Wilson, has started when a dog groomer asked Robert Galinksy — who now defines himself as “excetutive facilitator” — for advice on becoming a reality TV star. Full of this new awareness mixed up with a generous dose of ego Robert Galinsky started in 2008 the New York Reality TV School in Avenue C, inside an unassuming storefront.

The director’s camera bring us through the first day of a workshop with some new students of Galinksy’s school. First rule of the school is to never act but always be spontaneous and real. The purpose Galinsky what to achieve is “to open the portfolio of yourself” and “to teach you how to be more than real.” A perfect reality show’s machine. As in a reality inside this bizarre mix of students we find “the legally blind singer,” “the male-revu dancer” and “the homeless guy that lives by the zoo.”

In something more than 20 minutes Wilson creates an odd cocktail of discomfort and vulnerability with a big dose of awkwardness. He underlines that grotesque stranger-than-fiction situations that are typical of reality shows. An hilarious but gentle portrait of real people, doing real things that you can’t believe are real.

How to Act on Reality TV is a meta-movie about truth and identity.


Commercial shot for TRU TV

Napoleon Da Legend - Dancing in the Rain - Music Video

I Play the leads love interest in this music video

The Sak Fall Photoshoot - Behind The Scenes

Maria de Jesus demo reel

Older Demo Reel

Anatomia Official Movie Trailer *Sexiest Silent Film Ever Made*

One of my first films made after graduating college. 

Dream Off

Newark Hosting Video