Meet Maria



Hello, this is Me

Don’t expect the typical or ordinary from me, but do expect all around authenticity coming from within me. I haven’t been able to be anyone else but myself, unless I am “pretending” and acting out in and of my very own imagination.

Give me a script and I will play around with the lines and character because I truly enjoy it and love to get lost in time and space by becoming someone else yet staying in me all at the same time.

I LOVE risk and experimentation and here is a lil’ story to tell you, the reader, the essence of this part of my being: when I was 4 years young, I was at a pool party and was dying to swim like everyone else, but I didn’t know how to swim yet. I stared at all the kids swimming, and imagined myself in the pool with them. All of the sudden, I got a strong impulse and the courage to run and jump into the deepest part of the pool. I started sinking because I really couldn’t swim and then the whole party panicked and someone came into the pool with all their clothes on to save me from drowning.